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Crazy Talk

Crazy Talk

The contestants on The Bachelor Pad have chosen these two crazies as their house ring leaders aka ‘power couple:’

Vienna, aka one of the most hated girls in Bachelor history and center of a public breakup/screaming match on national TV last year.  She’s immature, over-emotional, and downright nasty.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard her say anything nice.

And her partner in crime- current flavor of the month Crazy Kasey. Yep, he’s the guy who got a tattoo of a heart and shield on his wrist to show bachelorette Ali he would always ‘protect and guard’ her. All after knowing her for about 2.5 weeks. And he was serious- and confident Ali would love it and him.  Spoiler alert: Ali finds the tattoo (and Kasey!) creepy, off-putting, and weird… as does the rest of America.

Together, you’ve got an immature, emotional, overly-confident but not self-aware, nasty, and crazy couple.  These two entered The Bachelor Pad with a master plan to win the grand prize, so let’s add money/fame/attention obsessed to their list of already glowing personality traits.

But for some unknown reason, the fellow contestants on the Bachelor Pad have put their trust in them. Right. These two. These two characters are the ones the majority of the contestants turn to for the best winning strategy/voting help so they can decide who stays/leaves the show and ultimately wins the $250K prize.

Um, yeah.