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Your ears must be burning…

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I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the new ‘People Talking About Metric’ Facebook introduced last week. What does the new metric mean for brands? First, take a look at the top 50 brands measured by fan count (via Famecount). I ‘reranked’ the brands to show their new rank based on the ‘People Talking About’ metric.



In this post I demonstrate what a true nerd I really am…try not to hold it against me.

With all the buzz around ‘social social social,’ a question I’ve been pondering lately: Can a TV show have high ratings and not be social?

And conversely: Can a TV show attract high social buzz and not have high ratings?

And together, what does this relationship mean to advertisers?

OMG I’m like sooo Popular!

OMG I’m like sooo Popular!

I had to get a new phone this week, (thanks Verizon for replacing my defective Droid at no cost!) and when I set up/synced my contact list I was shocked to see that I had over 800 contacts… holy s*$t batman! 800+ friends across facebook and gmail? I must be, like, sooo popular.

Sikkeee. Yes, I have 800+ ‘contacts’ in my phone, over 700 ‘friends’ on facebook, 450+ ‘followers’ on twitter, and over 200 ‘connections’ on linkedin. But c’mon… how many ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ do you think I interact with on a daily/weekly/heck… even yearly basis? Probably 5%-10%. (And that’s probably being generous)

This Must Be Purgatory

This Must Be Purgatory

As I sit here waiting on yet another delayed flight, I imagine this is similar to what purgatory must feel like. Endless waiting. No answers to your questions. A room filled with crying babies and self-important businessmen. Mostly bad, overpriced food. And a crappy Wi-Fi connection. Yep, this may just be purgatory.

Our flight is delayed due to mechanical issues- the plane hasn’t even made its first flight of the day yet (its late-afternoon now). Needless to say, we’re going to be waiting for quite some time considering the backup from this morning. And when I start to think about who could solve this problem, I’m at a loss. The poor counter agent doesn’t have much power- he may be able to rebook people on different flights, but if other flights are sold out, there isn’t much he can do to help. Special services can’t offer much help- they can’t fix the plane…or the weather or a late flight attendant or about 99% of the reasons why a flight may be late. Airport officials can’t change the weather or predict when a plane will break down—shoot, even pilots themselves don’t have control over most delayed planes. So like I said, airport waiting must be purgatory- endless waiting with little answers and little hope for help.

What to do? In the majority of incidents, the airline/airport can’t really do that much about a delayed flight- and passengers just have to begrudgingly wait it out… or are these instances largely missed opportunities for the airline, airport, or brands in the airport to make that wait time a more enjoyable experience? Seems to me like a perfect opportunity to convert the waiting, often unpleasant customers into brand advocates: by providing waiting customers with something to make their wait time more enjoyable than if they were waiting with any other airline or at any other airport. I think there is always the chance for a brand to gain/retain loyal customers and create brand advocates- even during a not so pleasant time.



Just For Fun-

My March Madness bracket. No high hopes here, folks.

Why? I’m not what you would call a sports basketball fan… unless we’re talking Wake Forest. And then I think I literally bleed black and gold. But sadly, Wake Forest didn’t make it to the tournament this year- shoot, Wake only won ONE game this year in conference play. ONE.

Needless to say, I didn’t watch much basketball this season- it was just too heartbreaking to see my dear Demon Deacs trampled week after week.

So this bracket? Pure emotional picking, folks. Good friends went to Duke and Syracuse? Ok, let’s have them go far. North Carolina, arguably Wake Forest’s biggest rival? Hello, you’re not going far in the tourney. Purdue? I like Perdue chicken. (and yes I realize that has nothing to do with the basketball team)

Hopefully you’re getting the point of how ridiculous my bracket is… it’s just sheer MADNESS that I even filled one out this year. And even more MADNESS- I’ll probably watch the majority of the games, too. Why? Not because I’m suddenly a sports fan, but because I’m personally invested by filling out a bracket- can my teams beat the odds and win?