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Can I Get Yo’ Number?

Before you get too excited, I’m talking more along the lines of your heart rate, respiration, eye movements, motions, and sweat levels.

And why exactly am I so interested in your bodily functions? Don’t worry, it’s all in the name of market research and moving the idea of exactly what ‘market research’ is and it’s role in the advertising industry forward. And it’s also in response to Faris Yakob’s recent blog post, ‘All Market Research is Wrong.’



I have a bit of an odd relationship with technology. On one hand, I’m quite the laggard. Oh I’m geeked out by the latest and greatest, but I’ll never own the newest and greatest gadget (my current computer is going on it’s 5th year). And on the other hand, I’m completely fascinated by technology, and couldn’t be a bigger tech-evangelist WHEN it comes to seeing how the intersection of the traditional/’old school’ and technology helps to move various industries forward. (Recent examples I’m just blown away by: Art more readily available to everyone via the iPad, professors using twitter in classroom discussion to enhance the learning experience, and Animal Planet’s charity drive with donations directly linked to program viewership). I guess you could say I’m not going to be impressed by technology just for technology’s sake– it’s gotta be cool and beneficial for me to be really interested.

Art (E)valuation

Art (E)valuation

I’m an art lover, and two articles from my perusing of the NY Times this past week made me really think about the meaning of the true ‘value’ of art (or evaluating the value of art):

From the NY Times article ‘Big Sales and Blue-Chip Sales at Art Basel Miami:’

“‘The art market is back!’ was the chorus this week among most of the major dealers at the fair…”

Read the full article here.

And, from ‘Nazis’ ‘Degenerate Art’ Resurfaces in Berlin:’

‘The past still thrusts itself back into the headlines here… [n]ow it has reappeared as art… the 11 sculptures [found] proved to be survivors of Hitler’s campaign against what the Nazis notoriously called “degenerate art.” Several works, records showed, were seized from German museums in the 1930s, paraded in the fateful “Degenerate Art” show, and in a couple of cases also exploited for a 1941 Nazi film, an anti-Semitic comedy lambasting modern art.’

Read the full article here.

First thoughts: Where exactly did the art market go? Did all the artists stop creating? Did all the art lovers disappear? And ‘Degenerate’ Art? How can these pieces’ worth be culturally marked as ‘degenerate?’ And their ‘value’ now?

Let’s get digital, digital

The One Community recently named the 10 winners of ‘The Best of the Digital Decade: Digital Advertising that Defined an Era, 2000-2010’ and I am in AWE of the campaigns. Let me repeat, in jaw dropping, let me wipe my chin off the floor, did they really just do that…AWE.


The Nat Geo promo for the ‘Wild Justice’ series premiere on Sunday, November 28 at 9p urges viewers to ‘pledge’ to watch the premiere on DVR and instead watch football live— watch by clicking link below:!/video/video.php?v=473840554029

One man in the promo sums up the idea to premiere ‘Wild Justice’ during Sunday night football (and from the viewers’ point of view- to actually point out that these men are going to be watching football, not trying out a new series on Nat Geo) quite well: ‘ Terrible idea.’

Or is it?