No Thanks, I Prefer to Pay Full Price

Observations February 9, 2015 8:48 am


I’ve been noticing these sly little “welcome” messages around the web recently. Essentially, a retailer tries to add you to its mailing list by offering you a small discount. But rather than offer the option of “yes” or “no” to opt-in to the mailing list, these new messages are more psychological in their attempt. For example, I received the message above on Bow And Drape. Not only can I not browse the website without making a selection, I am also bullied into giving the retailer my email address, because if I refuse I’m saying “No thanks, I prefer to pay full price for ACTUALLY cute, custom clothing.”

Yes, I do like saving money. Yes, I would like a discount. But NO, I do not want to be made to feel guilty when I don’t want to give you my email address.

Because in reality, I don’t want another f@&%ing email newsletter to hit my inbox every day. I want to browse your collection, and then decide if I’d like to support your brand. You see, I was a first time visitor to Bow And Drape. I’d never heard of the brand, but I was curious about it after reading about a Soul Cycle promotion. So rather than bombard me within the first 10 seconds of browsing with the welcome message, I think a better strategy would have been to hit me with the message either on my 2nd visit, or at least after I’ve actually clicked on an item.

I work in advertising so I get it: it’s harder to say “no” to the message above because of the perception associated with it. And I’m also guessing this new welcome message strategy is more effective than simply asking “yes” or “no” to opt-in, which is why I’ve seen so many of them recently. But I really hate them, and for me at least, they work in the opposite way the brand intended: I leave, without buying anything, with or without discount.

So no, I will not be giving Bow and Drape my email address or continue browsing. “No thanks, I prefer to support brands that don’t harass me.”

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