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Observations February 8, 2015 7:23 pm


Five Things on a Friday Sunday. Way to set a consistent schedule, right? I realized this week as I was bookmarking articles that my reading is really… all over the place. So if you’re coming here for a knowledge dump on a specific topic, this isn’t the place. But if you’re just a curious individual who enjoys a good read… enjoy!

1. Let’s Get Drinks. This article is actually a few weeks old, but it resurfaced again (love the Internet regurgitation cycle), and every time I read it I can’t stop laughing. It is spot on about behavior between 20-something girls in NYC. Also great commentary on how much easier it is to flake on someone if you just text them, rather than call them.

2. RadioShack was the Starbucks of the ’80s and then it ran out of Batteries. It is crazy to think that in the 1980’s, over 90% of Americans lived within five minutes of a RadioShack, and now the brand has filed for bankruptcy. Quartz points out that many of the items RadioShack sold have been replaced by smartphones, making the stores increasingly irrelevant. My first thought when reading this article was, “wait! what about embracing the maker community?” But it seems like RadioShack did try to embrace the maker movement by selling 3D printers and partnering with Quirky– why didn’t this work? Maybe they should have taken a cue from GE’s Garages and turned the stores into community hubs.

3. Coca-Cola Suspends #MakeItHappy Automated Tweet Campaign. Or, this is why we can’t have nice things. A few different thoughts about this article: first, shame on Gawker and second, shame on Coca-Cola. Both Gawker and Coca-Cola are at fault; Gawker for pushing buttons and Coca-Cola for failing social media 101. But what I think is perhaps most interesting is that the #MakeItHappy campaign didn’t make that much of a splash during the Super Bowl, and had Gawker not pranked Coca-Cola, we probably wouldn’t be talking about it. Also, what Gawker did fits perfectly with the message of the #MakeItHappy campaign, so I think Coca-Cola might actually come out on top of it after all.

4. Mapping the New York Subway’s DNA. Dysentery, Meningitis, and sepsis. Oh joy, these are the germs we ride with on the subway every day. As well as lots and lots of mozzarella and swiss cheese. Gross and fascinating. Brb, taking a multivitamin and wondering why Purell hasn’t stepped up to the plate for in-station hand sanitizing kiosks.

5. Dinner in NY. Again, apologies for the self-promotion but seriously, how do you eat dinner in New York? Or Boston, Chicago, or Florence, SC?



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