A Snack While You Wait

Ideas,Uncategorized October 10, 2013 6:36 pm

Back in 2012, I had a brilliant idea that would make waiting for a delayed flight more enjoyable. What if an airline created a vending machine that accepted boarding passes instead of change? If your flight was delayed for more than an hour, scanning your boarding pass in the vending machine would entitle you to a free snack + drink. An airline could promote the campaign with something along the lines of ‘Free snacks… even if you’re not in the air.’ A subtle dig at airlines that don’t provide free snacks anymore (cough cough Spirit), and a reminder that, even during a long wait, their airline was worth flying.

Today during my morning reading, I came across this article on Fast Company: chocolate company Anthon Berg has created an airport vending machine that dispenses chocolates based on the quality of passengers’ seats. The worse their seat, the better chocolate they got.


Huh!  My idea! I had two initial thoughts:

A) I had a really great idea! Go me!

B) Hmm, I could have done a better job at explaining my idea. Looking back at my post from 2012, my details were vague and scattered. But ask me to explain it in person, and I could talk for hours. I need to learn how to better translate the thoughts swirling in my head with what gets communicated to others, especially on paper/email.

Because dammit, I want a free snack when I wait.

And seriously, a CHOCOLATE company implemented this idea before an airline?

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