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Observations,Uncategorized August 13, 2013 5:20 pm

Twitter’s influence over TV ratings have been confirmed– this recent Nielsen report indicates a ‘two-way causal influence between Twitter activity and TV viewership.’

According to this new study, Twitter has the power to predict political elections, and Twitter’s pivotal role in political uprisings has also been well documented.

Twitter is also replacing news outlets, often first to report on breaking stories, aided by millions of citizen ‘journalists.’

And two 140 character tweets from Carl Icahn boosted Apple’s value by $17 Billion dollars.

So…. when are we going to stop referring to Twitter as a simple ‘social network?’

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    Ugh, the comment lifted Apple, NOT TWITTER. Twitter was simply the technical platform, it could have happened a dozen other ways with the same effect. Why Twitter gets all the glory for things like this I’ll never understand.