BlinkLink, A Snapchat for Twitter

Observations August 6, 2013 9:39 am

I just spotted this article on Fast Company, ‘BlinkLink, A Snapchat for Twitter,’ and I can’t wait to see the creative applications from brands. Similar to Snapchat, users can send pictures that have an expiration date- in BlinkLink’s case, it’s after the picture hits a certain number of views. It’s a really simple application (pictured below), but the most interesting aspect is that even after the picture is deleted after it hits the maximum number of views, it can be revived through sharing.

I think brands would be wise to start experimenting with the platform– the sharing aspect is especially intriguing, as the ‘rareness’ of getting to see the initial picture is incentive to keep the tweet alive. The application reminds me a bit of the ‘LovaticsSpeedUpTime‘ activation, which unlocked Demi Lovato’s newest music videos earlier if tweet levels reached a certain point— which was wildly successful for the artist.

Some potential uses for BlinkLink:

— Exclusive promo code for a ‘secret’ concert or event. A picture of the event is shared with BlinkLink, and after the first 100 views, people can only find out the promo code by retweeting.

— Exclusive deal or discount. The greater number of shares through BlinkLink, the longer the promotion runs.

— Gating access. Similar to the ‘LovaticsSpeedUpTime’ activation, BlinkLink could be used to provide gated or early access to a retail sale, album preview… the opportunities are pretty endless.

— Data visualization of the sharing path. Similar to how the XX traced how ‘Coexist‘ got shared around the globe, sharing data from BlinkLink could create some very compelling visualizations (and provide valuable data for brands).

BlinkLink is interesting because it capitalizes on people’s desire to be ‘first’ and ‘in the know.’ Who will be the first brand to experiment with the platform?

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