Time To Chuck The Chucks

Observations July 25, 2013 5:30 am

I’m not someone that you’d call fashionable or trendy (seriously, someone recently told me I was rocking the Peggy Olson look), so when I notice a trend it’s something really obvious.

Introducing the shoe of the season, the white Converse Chuck Taylors. Old school and alternative, I first noticed them on East Village and Williamsburg urbanites (sounds so much better than hipsters), but have since noticed them on tourists, coworkers, and even my physical therapist. Ironically, this huge popularity risks diminishing Converse’s brand equity as the “sneaker of choice for individuals… rebels and originals.” If everyone has them, they aren’t so original, are they?

A clever way to acknowledge this popularity- without acknowledging the fact that the shoes are so mainstream now- would be to create a campaign promoting the brand’s customization option with a little tongue-in-cheek copy:

– ‘Everyone has a pair of white chucks… make yours more original.’

– ‘The only thing white chucks should be used for is as a blank canvas.’

Or Converse could run an Instagram campaign asking fans to send in pictures of how they’ve gotten their nice white sneakers dirty:

– ‘White shoes mean you’re playing it safe, dirty shoes tell a story of adventure.’

– ‘Clean shoes are boring shoes, it’s always more fun to be a bit dirty.’

Obviously, I’m as far from a copywriter as I am fashionista. But you get the idea– Converse needs to balance this popularity with its brand message of originality, and a little backhanded campaign (like my oh so wonderful comparison to a somewhat dowdy copywriter) might just do the trick.

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