Observations February 9, 2013 12:50 pm

After a rough start, I’m hooked on House of Cards. I was skeptical a web original show could deliver, but thanks to Netflix’s genius scheduling strategy, I could move past my initial judgement and watch more than one episode at once. And thanks to Nemo, I could watch 5 in one sitting.

I won’t give away any spoilers– I love the fact that Netflix is breaking the current status quo of the television industry, that for once, a character from South Carolina is painted as a complex, clever person who can still have a Southern drawl while being a power player in DC, and it’s a female reporter who has the power to expose all the secrets.

But for all the ground the show is breaking, I hate that Netflix left out one little detail: It’s the new ‘Politico’ in the show, but try to visit it on your computer. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t exist. I was so hoping for an integration akin to Avion in Entourage, or at the very least, a promotional extension of the show. But it’s a landing site that redirects you to various sites- I was redirected to the first time I tried to access the site, and after looking at the legal terms, it’s part of DomainSponsor-‘DomainSponsor® is the pioneer and leader in monetizing direct navigation traffic on undeveloped domains, serving parked domain owners since 2002. It monetizes millions of third party domain names every month, plus over one million domain names owned by its parent company’

I did a little searching, and it looks like is currently up for auction at GoDaddy– for only $275 and 1 bid.

Seems like such a wasted opportunity by Netflix, no? I can’t be the only one who visited (/.net, .org, etc) after watching the show. What a perfect integration opportunity- could have been a great place to house character bios and backstories, and serve as a place to create additional content for the show– articles about the fictitious congressmen and women, articles written by Zoe that are mentioned in the show, even articles that mirror current, real-life politics (education, for one, is a hot topic in the show as well as in reality). If nothing else, have it as a site that redirects traffic to Netflix.

Hopefully the hole in the marketing strategy is the only hole in the show. But then again, Netflix doesn’t have the greatest track record with zipping up digital extensions– remember @Qwikster?

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