You Should Probably Just Get Off The Internet

Observations December 18, 2012 11:07 am

Shock of the year: Instagram is a company. As in, exists to make money. As in, doesn’t exist just to provide hipsters and amateur, would-be photographers world-wide with picture enhancing filters. Yes, the company will now be able to sell your pictures without your permission. And the new terms of use policy is a little shocking. [Update: Joke’s on us! America collectively can’t read legal terms, jumps on bandwagon to scream ‘privacy infringement!’]

But really, what are the odds your picture(s) will be chosen? 5 million pictures are uploaded to the service every day. Don’t kid yourself, your picture of your last meal isn’t all that interesting.

And while the majority of Facebook users have enabled privacy controls, how many Instagram users have made their accounts private … but that would go against the mentality of trying to get your picture the highest amount of likes possible as you share it across multiple social networks, right?

And you probably shouldn’t complain on Facebook about the change. Since you know, Facebook owns Instagram. And since you know, Facebook uses your data, too. Which we also don’t like but don’t do anything about, all too evident from last month’s little viral privacy status/copyright declarations. But you haven’t quit Facebook, yet, have you? (Even though you’ve threatened to delete your account several times… on a rant… on Facebook)

Privacy vs. Customization, just heating up.

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