My First Marathon

Personal November 1, 2012 9:20 am

It’s here. After 4 months of training and preparation, the NY Marathon is finally here. I’ve trained in 5 different states and 2 countries, gone through 2 pairs of sneakers, and have run every weekend since July.

But I don’t think any amount of training could have prepared me for this week- Sandy hit the tri-state area with a vengeance on Monday, leaving countless people displaced and without power. I’m still without power, but compared to what other people are going through, I know this is just a slight inconvenience. I’ve been able to shower at local gyms for free, friends have offered space to work, and today, I’m snugly ensconced in a work space of a friend of PSFK.

The race will surely be different than the one I was planning on running- for one, there won’t be 47,000 runners. NYRR doesn’t know how many people will be able to get to NYC to run, but there have been some incredible stories about people trying to get into the area, flying into different airports and driving into the city. There probably won’t be as much hoopla and fan-fare along the course, and getting volunteers to water stations is an issue NYRR is currently dealing with. And at this point, it’s unsure if my parents will be able to make it to the city– their hotel is in the blackout zone, so we’re still waiting to see if they’ll be able to fly in and have a place to stay.

But one thing that is the same? The course. And the course is the reason I’ve been waiting 3 years to run the race. To run through MY city, the one I wanted to move to my entire life, to run through each borough and know that I’ve made a home and a life for myself in the greatest city on earth. This year, it will also be sobering to run through the city. It seems a bit silly to be running while so many need food, water, and shelter. So I’m dedicating each mile (and that last .2!) to the great people of MY city. NYRR has set up a fundraising campaign for relief efforts in the city- please consider giving! An easy amount is $26.2 🙂 I haven’t been thrilled with how NYRR has handled the communications around the event- the marathon has the potential to be a huge platform to show the world how strong the area is AND how much help the area still needs. Just think- if everyone watching the marathon on TV, in person, or running, gave $26.2 to relief efforts, donated clothing to those in need, or donated time or other resources, we could make a huge impact on recovery efforts. The marathon is bigger than just Sunday, as recovery will be.

And for anyone in New York, I’d love to see you on Sunday! Here’s my info:

  • Bib number: 55442; you can track me on your phone- here are the details.
  • I’m Blue Wave #4, so I’ll start at 10:55. Slow and steady, baby!
  • I’ll be wearing lots of neon. Pink compression socks and a yellow top, and hopefully will still be smiling like this picture:

Here we go!

  • NYCBornandRaised

    How would this run be less meaningful to you if it were postponed to a more appropriate time? Don’t be selfish.

    • Jason

      Troll somewhere else. Individual runners aren’t making the decisions here.