Stop The Presses! End Of Internet…Found!

Observations October 10, 2012 1:02 pm

Researchers Announce They’ve Found The End Of The Internet!

After years of searching, researchers announce they’ve finally discovered the end of the Internet- and surprisingly, it isn’t cats! What led to the breakthrough that’s been plaguing redditors for ages? ‘Well I clicked on one picture, which led to one picture, which led to another… it was just so visually stunning,’ says Dr.Pin, head researcher on the case. We won’t make you hold your breath any longer- what is the end of the Internet? Pinterest.

A littleĀ melodramatic, sure, but seriously- Pinterest seems to have ended all original design ideas for webpage layouts. Every day, another site adopts the visual layout– earlier this week, the web was abuzz with Facebook’s announcement of the ‘want‘ button that will let people create ‘wishlists’ and ‘collections’ of favorite products. Today, eBay launched a redesign that- shock- looks exactly like Pinterest. Even Anthropologie took a cue from the site and changed to a visual layout.

Which, to me, means two things.

A) The Pinterest-like layout has massive appeal, especially where shopping is concerned.

B) People have no creativity and instead of building on the model, are just stripping it for what its worth.

Seriously, it’s tiring reading ‘Pinterest-like’ all the time! Surprise me with something new!

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