Sandwich Strategy

Observations September 26, 2012 7:18 am

Today I kind of wish I was back in the TV world, if only to see the early overnight ratings for the new FOX comedy Tuesday. I thought premiering New Girl in 2 episodes was a smart idea, especially sandwiching a new comedy (Ben & Kate) in between the two new episodes– giving the new comedy a chance to ride the coattails of an already successful show while also tempting the audience to stay through to the other episode of New Girl. Smart strategy, if only the new comedy wasn’t completely awful– but then again, that’s probably why FOX went with the ‘sandwich’ scheduling for New Girl. If FOX had just aired 2 episodes of New Girl back to back, Ben & Kate would have had even less of a chance to succeed.

I would love to see if the ratings for the 1st episode of New Girl carried through to Ben & Kate and remained strong for the 2nd episode of New Girl. Personally, I love New Girl, so I thought sitting through 30 minutes of Ben & Kate to get to the 2nd episode would be a piece of cake. Wrong. Ben & Kate was so bad, I had to switch to another channel, but then came back to FOX to watch the later episode of New Girl. Curious to see how many other people went with that viewing pattern vs. sitting through the 30 minutes.

Did ratings steadily build with the ‘sandwich’ strategy, or did they take a dive during Ben & Kate to later rebound for the 2nd New Girl (and The Mindy Project; thankfully, that show¬†was everything I hoped for and more.)

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