Did OWS Move Uptown?

Observations September 21, 2012 8:25 am

image credit: Brian Finke for Bloomberg Businessweek

Just me, or does the camp-out for the iPhone 5 resemble the ill-fated Occupy Wall Street? Disenchanted youth, eager for the next best thing. Camping out, waiting, passing time by tweeting and playing guitar. One question: In pursuit of the ‘future,’ what did they give up to wait? These fan boys (and girls) have been waiting more than a week- and in Occupy Wall Street, some camped out for months. What’s the opportunity cost? Do they not work/take vacation/live at home with mom and dad?

Intriguing, to be sure. #OAS (Occupy Apple Store)

UPDATE: Apparently OWS did move uptown to the Apple Store. {Ah, how my point above gains validity.}

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