Who’s Sponsoring The 2012 Summer Olympics?

Observations August 5, 2012 8:40 am

Who’s sponsoring the Olympics?

What means more? Seeing a ‘brought to you by xyz sponsor ad’ or seeing a logo on the jersey of your favorite¬†athlete? Usain Bolt wears Puma, Tyson Gay wears Nike, and Dwain Chambers wears adidas.

Hint: adidas is the athletic brand that shelled out millions to advertise during the Olympics. Nike has come under fire for (excellent) ambush marketing, but still has a large presence at the games as the official outfitter for the US Olympic Committee (think: all medal podium outfits) and sponsor of the US Track & Field team. Really, the ‘swoosh’ is very visible in very pivotal moments of the Olympics- every time Phelps won a gold, Nike was in the pictures of him at the medal stand- not adidas. And all track & field athletes will have a swoosh next to Team USA on their jerseys.

A few people remember great advertisements, but most eyes are glued on athlete performance- and long after the games are over, when fans search for their favorite athletes at the game, there’s a good chance they’ll see them in their podium outfits or racing jerseys- a much more visible, impressionable brand alignment.

Image credits: Bolt, Gay, Chambers

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