Show That American Pride

Observations August 2, 2012 1:16 pm

Just because. 100% stolen from Jezebel:

After winning gold in the 400 meter individual medley — an impressive physical feat, certainly — Lochte crowned himself Olympic Douche Champion, grabbing his $25,000 diamond and ruby grill custom designed by rapper Paul Wall to look like the American flag and attempting to wear it to the medal stand. He was forced to take it out, since it wasn’t officially part of Team USA’s uniforms, but according to MTV, that wasn’t the first time Lochte ascended the podium with his mouth glittered up like Toby Keith’s USB tour thong. Ryan Lochte has had that America bling for more than a fucking year. HOW has he not gotten punched squarely in that smirking, adorable, grill-sporting jaw at least once a week?

Even Ryan admitted that a grill was ‘basically a retainer filled with diamonds.’ And when  have retainers ever been cool??

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