McDonald’s, Vindicated

Observations August 6, 2012 8:31 am

Image credit: Getty

Toss up for who’s cheering louder today- NASA scientists for successfully landing Curiosity on Mars, or Corporate McDonald’s on learning an athlete at the Olympics actually eats their food.

Before winning his 100m race, Usain Bolt admitted to eating McDonald’s as part of his pre-race meal: ‘I had some plaintains, some hash browns, fruit, then a wrap from McDonald’s. For lunch I had rice and pork and some apple juice.’

You know everyone up at corporate marketing is doing a victory dance while perfecting their ‘I told you, so!’ moves after all of the negative reactions to their status as official restaurant of the Olympics. (because you know, their food is soo healthy)

Now the question is, how soon does Bolt become an official spokesperson for McDonald’s and bets on how soon the fast-food chain turns around an ad with Bolt’s confession?

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