What Wine Pairs Best With A Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme?

Observations July 3, 2012 7:18 am

I’ve never had a crunchwrap supreme from Taco Bell, (I’ve actually only been to Taco Bell once in my life) but I can imagine it’s not exactly a gourmet treat. And (taking a leap of faith here), I can only imagine that most people going through the drive-through for the taco/quesadilla hybrid snack aren’t also driving to the nearest liquor store for a nice bottle of wine. (liquor store, yes, but for more than the cheapest bottle of wine, beer, or liquor, no)

So not exactly the target market for wine connoisseur¬†Gary Vaynerchuck. But when someone on Reddit asked him, ‘What wine pairs best with a Taco Bell crunchwrap supreme,’ he posted a 2 minute YouTube video in response, extolling the merits of a Syrah with the fast food meal.


Whether or not the redditor posted the question as a joke, Gary V. answered. If you don’t know Gary V., he made a name for himself at Wine Library TV- personally answering EVERY single question he received about wine pairings through his daily podcast, emails, and videos. Although he no longer does a daily podcast with Wine Library TV, and has gone on to start his own social media business, but he still answers every single question he receives- about wine, business, anything.

Even questions as ridiculous as pairing a wine with a Taco Bell meal.

Trust me, I was very dubious that he actually answered every single email, tweet, Facebook message, or phone call from anyone and everyone. I was sure it was a shtick, that he was culling out ‘important’ or ‘influential’ comments or questions to answer, as most people (and brands!) tend to do. So true to Allie form, I just had to see for myself if he would actually respond to anyone, so I tweeted him (duh)… and he responded. And not just once- an entire back-and-forth exchange over twitter and email. He really does respond to every.single.question.someone.asks.him.

First, the man must not sleep. But second, what an amazing philosophy- treat everyone with the same respect; engage your audience on a regular basis to build trust, and create additional opportunities for a business exchange by providing everyone with a positive experience. It’s so simple, really- the golden rule: treat others like you’d like to be treated. Imagine if all brands were so honest and engaged- I know I’d be more inclined to give them my business!

Now I just want to know, what wine pairs best with a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich? Now we’re talking about a gourmet fast-food experience.

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