Not To Brag…

Observations,Personal May 1, 2012 7:30 am

But I had the #1 article on last week! (and my 1st week on the job, thankyouverymuch)

My first week as an editorial intern taught me there are a lot of factors to think about that affect into how well an article will do- subject matter is obviously very important, and content that is geared towards the unusual (as in, wow! I’ve never seen that before) and is ‘pop-culture’ friendly tends to catch people’s attention better– and is the type of content more likely to be shared on social media.  Headlines are also very important to draw a reader in! (and I’d say headlines are one of my biggest areas for growth right now)  Time of day that an article is published also affects how an article will perform.

Point being, you could write one fantastic article and one so-so article, and the so-so article could outperform the fantastic article if the subject matter is more appealing to a wider audience or if the so-so article gets extra promotion on the site, etc.

But putting all that logic aside, I had the #1 article, ranked on page views, on the site.

Now the challenge is to continue to work my booty off so I can rank among the top again!

And now for the top article 🙂

Originally published on PSFK on April 25, 2012.

Agency Beer Fridge Only Opens When Weekly Time Sheets Are Done [Video]

Filling out a time sheet is a necessary evil, but it’s usually the last thing someone wants to do at the end of a long week.

It’s a long, boring, and tedious process, so when it’s the final piece that separates someone from their hard earned weekend, it’s likely filling out the time sheet will get shelved for another time.

Casa, one of JWT’s digital and innovation hubs, decided to have a little fun and created a solution to the time sheet dilemma. Part social experiment, part incentive program, Casa created the Drink Time Sheet, a fridge full of free beer for employees to enjoy… after they’ve completed their time sheets. The fridge is electronically locked, tied to the office’s time sheet system. The fridge can only be opened when 100% of the office’s time sheets are completed, enticing employees to get their time sheets in early- and to encourage any stragglers to complete theirs as early as possible as well.

Watch the Drink Time Sheet in action:

It’s a pretty incredible feeling to see that your article has been shared over 400 times on Twitter and liked nearly 800 times on Facebook 🙂

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