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Observations April 21, 2012 8:59 am

My first two posts for PSFK! šŸ™‚

1st post, originally published in PSFK on April 19th:

IKEA Turns Graffiti Artist With New Banksy-Style Ads [Video]

Worried about subway ads getting marred by graffiti artists? Ā One brand isnā€™t.

IKEA decided to take matters into its own hands, wheatpasting over its own adsĀ in Milan subway stations, a laĀ Banksy andĀ Obey. Created to promote Milan Design Week, IKEA touted the campaign with the tagline, ā€˜People bring Design to Lifeā€™ by pasting stenciled-posters over its subway ads,Ā transformingĀ their traditional out-of-home ads into vibrant, living scenesā€“ and street art.

A ballet dancer stretches on a chair, a knome sits atop a pile of magazines, and records and headphones lay scattered on the floor. All in black-and-white, the stenciled-posters bring contrast to the glossy, colorful ads, creating a visual sensation for subway riders.

IKEA didnā€™t stop with just graffitiing their own ads; the brand also plastered the stenciled-posters on turnstiles, steps, and walkways throughout the Milan subway system.

Check out a video of the campaign in action below:


2nd post, originally published in PSFK on April 20th:

Nike Lets Sneaker Fans RSVP For New Product Launches On Twitter

When Nike released theĀ Air Jordan XI Retro in December 2011, eager sneaker fans camped outside of stores for days, fighting for the chance to be the first to own the new shoe. Riots ensued, police were called in for crowd control, and there were even reports of people beingĀ trampledĀ by crazed sneaker fanatics rushing to grab the sneakers off the shelves.

But when Nike releases theĀ Air Jordan XII Retro on April 21, there will be no lines for the midnight release. The shoes will have already been claimed on Twitter.

Nike introduced itsĀ Twitter RSVP system for new product launches earlier this week, aimed to help the company better manage hectic release days (fans camp out for more than just Air Jordans). With the new Twitter RSVP System, Nike stores will send out a randomly timed tweet with a product specific hashtag on RSVP Day.

Sneaker fans will then have one hour to send a direct message to their Nike store with the product hashtag,Ā the last 4 digits of their State/Passport/Military/School ID number, and their desired shoe size (limited to one size). Nike will then send confirmations via direct message and the shoes will be available for pickup on the day of release. Shoes not claimed during a specifiedĀ time-frame will then become available again on Twitter.

The Twitter RSVP System will use a ā€˜first respond, first serveā€™ system, so there will still be a similar feeling of anticipation for a new shoeā€™s release ā€“ coupled with the random release time of the tweet, fans will still have to eagerly wait for the sign itā€™s time to start shopping. Although now, it will be on their computers, rather than a line outside of a physical store.

And if youā€™re hoping to get your hands on the new Air Jordan XII Retro, youā€™re going to have to wait until after April 21st. RSVP day has come and gone, with fans snapping up the new shoes with the hashtag #AJ12.

Nike Twitter RSVP

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