Cashing In

Observations April 1, 2012 11:05 am

Either I’m turning into a rabid The Hunger Games fan, or Universal is cashing in…

In the original trailer for the movie The Five Year Engagement, the ending sequence features a little flower girl shooting Emily Blunt’s character with an arrow, exclaiming, ‘I’m Pocahontas!’

But today! I saw the trailer for the movie and Universal has surreptitiously edited the ending sequence- the little flower girl now exclaims, ‘I’m Katniss!’ while shooting Emily Blunt’s character with an arrow.

MmmmHmmm… tricky.

I can’t blame Universal- The Hunger Games is the hot topic right now, so if I were a competing movie studio, I’d probably try to find a way to cash in on The Hunger Games‘ success, too.

But c’mon… if you’re going to make a change, commit to it!  The official site for The Five Year Engagement still plays the old promo with the Pocahontas line, as does the movie’s official YouTube videos.

Or I’m just going crazy and I made up the whole ‘I’m Katniss!’ thing… anyone else notice the change?

Here’s the old promo- I can’t find the new promo online anywhere and I was too slow to capture it when I saw it on TV (darn being cheap and not having DVR)!

UPDATE: I was finally quick enough to grab the edited Katniss promo! Excuse the poor video quality, but the Katniss line is loud and clear!

Original promo:

New promo:


  • Jules

    Nope! Me and my roommate noticed the whole “I’m Katniss!” thing too and I can’t seem to find any videos showing the change either. My searching for proof of this change is what actually led me here. I’m glad you noticed it too because we thought we might be going crazy. lol

    • Anonymous

      Jules, I’m glad we’re not going crazy! 🙂 I’m going to keep looking out for the video- if I find it I’ll post it here! Thanks for visiting!

  • Emily Todhunter

    I just noticed the change today! I think it’s ridiculous– if that’s the only Hunger Games reference they made in the movie, it makes no sense to add in “I’m Katniss” … definitely trying to cash in & gain interest in their movie!

  • beachliesl

    I noticed the change right away—and couldn’t believe it!  AS IF…no child that age should have ANY idea who ‘Katniss” is.   Ridiculous that they are trying to make money off of a totally different movie.

  • Biteme8807

    Pocahontas was so much funnier.   booooo  🙁

  • Vicamonica

    Watched the movie last night and was very disappointed that the movie contained the line “I’m Pocahontas.” What a let down after seeing the previews thinking she says “Katniss”. How very misleading. tsk tsk tsk

    • admin

      You’re right! Very tricky marketing indeed!

    • Ww

      You took the bait set by the executives. Live with it.