Art of Design

Observations March 9, 2012 4:08 pm

Levi’s is killing it in the design department- both in terms of clothing design and advertising design.

Over the past few days I’ve seen two great ads from Levi’s that really drives home the fact that Levi’s gets it.  They know their products are for real people and their many activities– the ads show their connection with their consumers (hey, we’re designing with you in mind!) while also highlighting the awesome new designs they’re creating.

In the first ad, Levi’s promotes their ‘Stretch-to-Fit’ jeans (Korean campaign) by featuring members of the Korea National Ballet– performing a routine, complete with splits and jumps, in the Stretch-to-Fit jeans.  How’s that for an impressive way to to communicate how stretchy your jeans are? (Plus, it’s beautiful to watch)


In the second ad, Levi’s promotes it’s new ‘Commuter Series,’ a line made for ‘urban cyclists.’ Basically, the line works just like athletic apparel- but looks like real clothing, making it easy for a cyclist to transition from the road to the office. Tagline: Form. Function. Cycling.


Two great examples of how brands can use (and highlight!) their connection with consumers to drive new, innovative designs and to drive advertising campaigns.

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