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Observations,Personal March 8, 2012 11:04 am

We’ve gone over this before, I’m a nerd– specifically, the worst kind a research nerd.

When I realized today was the 1 year anniversary of installing Google analytics on JustAllie, I had to celebrate with an infographic:

Top 5 takeaways:

1. My parents obviously aren’t reading JustAllie– only 5.5% of visitors came from SC?!  At least I can count on non-family members to read JustAllie 🙂

2. Someone (or hey, let’s go for the gold- lots of people!) at Mr. Youth loves me.  The Mr. Youth blog,, sent fairly significant traffic my way over the past year.  How’s that for a mood booster?

3.  Link-bait works.  Or readers secretly want me to get engaged.  Whatever the case, ‘The Engagement Story‘ post was the 2nd most viewed post of the year.

4.  I love Anthropologie even more than I did a few days ago.  They were kind enough to retweet my post, Etymologie, and traffic for JustAllie exploded.  That’s another post in itself in a look at the impact of a highly engaged audience and the effect a well-placed tweet can have on traffic.

5.  Y’all are nerds too.  Or just curious as to why someone would spend their free time looking at 3 months of TV/social data instead of doing, you know, normal things.  The NerdAlert post is still one of my favorite posts, and I’m glad it was one of y’alls, too!

And an extra 6th takeaway:  Analytics can only tell you so much about your readers.  I’d love to actually know who you are, so drop me a line at or leave a comment below!  Who knows, I may even send you some of my famous bacon chocolate chip cookies 😉



(Stats from Google Analytics, infographic created with Piktochart.)

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