A Bit From Fast Company

Observations March 1, 2012 10:52 am

From the most recent issue of Fast Company


Notice anything a bit.. unusual?

Take a look at the ‘read more’ links: Read more at bit.ly/

The links are shortened with a popular Internet link shortening format!

Maybe this link format in Fast Company isn’t new, but it was the first time I’ve noticed it.  Talk about cross-platform storytelling and platform cooperation- here’s a magazine (hard copy!) employing an Internet link shortening tool.  And why would Fast Company use bit.ly instead of a traditional link like www.fastcompany.com/delaney?

To get data. Analytics. To see how many hard-copy magazine readers are interested enough in an article to continue reading online.  And once Fast Company has data from several bit.ly links, they can start the fun part- analyzing the data, figuring out what type of content makes readers continue onto the Internet.  And from that information, Fast Company can start to fine-tune content based on ‘continue-through’ behavior so they can increase the likelihood that readers will ‘continue-through’ to the Internet.

*Doesn’t it feel weird to not say click-through? Same concept as click-through but readers are going from a hard-copy format to an Internet format! Kinda mind-boggling, right?

Print isn’t dead- at least not for magazines like Fast Company who are willing to innovate by paying attention to consumer behavior!

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