Delighting the Senses

Personal February 21, 2012 10:42 am

What a great idea//I want this:

The Pairings Box from Turntable Kitchen: A curated food and music discovery
experience, delivered to your door.

Reminds me of the wonderful, but short-lived, What Happens When pop-up restaurant.  What Happens When was born out of a Kickstarter project; the pop-up restaurant endeavored to create a dining experience for all 5 senses; everything from the decor, music, and food was centered around a particular theme and was supposed to change every 30 days for 9 months.

Unfortunately, What Happens When didn’t last for 9 months- their liquor license was revoked and they were forced to close shop early.

But I was lucky enough to get to go during their very first month in operation, and it was one of my very favorite dining experiences in New York!

There’s something to be said for creativity and creating experiences for all of your senses!


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