Act of Valor

Observations February 22, 2012 8:27 am

I’m not usually the target audience for action movies,  (I tend to stay in the girly realm of romantic comedies and dramas) so when the trailer for Act of Valor came on last night, I had zero clue what the film even was, much less what it was about:


As the trailer started playing, I first thought it was just another action movie.  But then seconds 24-25 of the trailer hit my eye.  2 seconds of the 30 second spot. Only 2 seconds to grab my attention, but that’s all it took to make me so curious about the film and hungry to find out more.

Since watching the spot, I’ve watched all of the longer form trailers, read countless news articles about the film, <did you know the film was originally shot as a recruitment video?? holy sh**, the other branches of the armed forces need to take note> and am now planning what will perhaps be my 1st in-theater action movie experience.

All because I was intrigued by 2 seconds of a 30 second trailer; great example of how a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be overblown, it just has to be smart.

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