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Ideas February 13, 2012 1:32 pm

Have you seen GAP’s new online catalog, Styld.by?  The site features GAP clothing styled by fashion bloggers with the tagline, “Our design. Their style. Your Inspiration.”

Besides basically just hopping on the Pinterest bandwagon, GAP seriously missed the mark with this new campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it was a great idea– and it had potential to be a great way to showcase GAP style beyond the traditional thought that all GAP has to offer is your.basic.pair.of.khakis.and.white.tee.– but the concept was very poorly executed.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the featured bloggers:

What do you see?

I see a great outfit, a huge share+ button,and some hard to read text.

What I don’t immediately see is the actual GAP product the blogger is wearing.

Looking at the ‘share +’ button hovering over the blogger’s outfit, my initial reaction was

Oh! I can scroll over the share button to find out what GAP item the blogger is wearing.


Clicking the share button just sends you to the social network you select- for example, click ‘pin it’ and you’ll pin the phrase: ‘paint the town blue,’ with ZERO REFERENCE to GAP’s product.  GAP should really think about including a link to their product, or at the very least, have the pin say something like: ‘paint the town blue, by GAP.’

Meanwhile, I’m still clicking away on the blogger’s outfit, convinced that GAP would have included a pop-up about their product when you hover on/click on the blogger’s shirt, pants, etc.


No interaction beyond sharing the product (which, see above, doesn’t actually tell others what GAP product you like and are sharing).

And I still can’t figure out what GAP product this blogger is wearing.

But finally! I see it! There it is, in the corner by itself in ridiculously small writing- the featured GAP product.

Great idea, poor execution.  Discovering GAP products via stylish bloggers is a great concept- and taps into the current social graph mentality– but not being able to easily discover the GAP products is a huge misstep, especially with the immense focus on sharing.

How does this site (and sharing) benefit GAP if the product displayed (and hopefully shared)

1) Doesn’t state that the product is actually from GAP– aka, GAP gets zero credit for helping make these bloggers look fabulously stylish when shared on social sites.  Visitors just browsing Pinterest or Facebook wouldn’t know the product was from GAP unless they clicked through to Styld.by.

2) Doesn’t link back to the opportunity to purchase said product? Because in the end, isn’t advertising still about selling product?

Here are some mock-ups of simple suggestions for making the site interactive and more focused on the actual GAP product:

Borrowing the ‘share+’ aesthetic from the site, GAP could add tiny ‘plus-signs’ to the blogger’s outfit.  Visitors could then hover over/click on each item of clothing to find out what featured GAP product the blogger is wearing– and for items that aren’t GAP products?  A link to the blogger’s site, where visitors can find out more about that blogger’s individual style and how they mix GAP products into their outfits.

Adding ‘plus-signs’ to each clothing/jewelry item adds interactivity to the site and could also increase opportunities for sharing- each ‘plus-sign’ could have the same functionality of the main ‘share+’ button.

Example of when a visitor hovers over/clicks a ‘plus sign’ on an article of clothing (in this scenario, the pants):

*Simple additions can make it easier for visitors to discover how stylish GAP clothing can be– and give GAP the credit they deserve for making these bloggers look great.

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