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Ideas December 22, 2011 1:10 pm

Calm down, not mine- Pinterest’s.

Think about it- Pinterest visually catalogs (beautifully!) your favorite things from around the Internet.  I like to think of my Pinterest boards as one giant wishlist– clothing I love and wish I could afford, DIY projects I wish I had the time to complete, and homegoods I someday wish to find in my apartment.

And what’s the most giant wishlist a girl could ever dream of? Her wedding registry, of course! The problem with wedding registries is that you have to register at multiple stores and you end up with multiple registries.  Guests have to go to several different websites or stores to find everything you’ve put on your registry.

And what about stores that don’t even offer wedding registries? You may be dying for a serving bowl from J Schatz, a tray from Etsy, or everyday china from Anthropologie. (hint: I am.)

Enter the dilemma: you can’t create a wedding registry on these stores- and beyond that, you probably only want one or two items from each store, which make it an absolute pain for guests to find.  So instead of getting exactly what you wish you could have, you settle for something that is available via a traditional registry.

But what if there was one central place that you could catalog anything and everything you found on the Internet that you wanted for your registry?


The solution: Build a wedding registry on top of Pinterest.  Pinterest could create a separate area for Pinterest Weddings:

The user would then create a wedding profile page for pinning and cataloging their wedding registry- either have the registry under one board, or categorize the various items into multiple boards like ‘serving pieces,’ ‘linens,’ etc.

And the best part of this relationship? Retailers that offer registries still get the traffic and revenue they would have from a traditional on-site registry, as Pinterest directs traffic back to the source from which you originally found the item.  And retailers that don’t currently offer wedding registry capabilities would benefit from an additional stream of customers- smaller retailers on sites like Etsy that offer beautiful artisan products could see a BIG increase in traffic and interest in their goods and retailers like Anthropologie that offer unique homegoods could find an entirely new customer base.  And a customer base of brides? Will that market every dry up? (Um, no. There has never been a ‘drought’ of weddings)

Pinterest could add in a ‘Buy’ button below the source link to the product, further clarifying to guests where exactly they can buy that dream serving bowl for you:

Pinterest could then track if a purchase was actually made on the site, and then mark the item as bought/complete back on Pinterest.  For registry items that need multiple orders to make it a complete order- for example, place settings, Pinterest could add in an ‘number requested’ and ‘number needed’ function, with the ‘number needed’ amount changing with each item purchased.  When ‘number needed’ equaled zero, the item would then be marked as completed.

Another great feature of Pinterest is its sharing and discovery capabilities- other brides searching for the perfect items to put on their registries could browse the registries of other brides, discovering and sharing their perfect finds.

A win-win for Pinterest as a way for them to grow their user base and differentiate themselves in the market AND a win-win for retailers.  Many retailers already love Pinterest (check out this great AdAge article) as a source of traffic- so why not capitalize on the opportunity and expand Pinterest (and all the retailers Pinterest sends traffic to) into an organized wedding registry market?  For example, “Etsy representative Adam Brown… notes that ‘Pinterest is a growing source of traffic for Etsy’ and that they consider it ‘terrific for our members because it’s another way for shoppers to discover all of the amazing things that Etsy sellers create.'”

Shoppers are already discovering products they love on sites like Etsy that don’t currently have wedding registry capabilities- why not create the opportunity to brides to find and buy ‘all of the amazing things that Etsy sellers create.’  If you’ve already pinned an item from Etsy because you love it, what’s a better way to ask for it than on your wedding registry?? Why be limited with picking registry items from retailers that currently offer wedding registry capabilities- create your own registry with items you truly love, instead of settling for products you may only like, but have to include, because they’re from stores that offer wedding registries.

Because I for one already know that Anthropologie place settings will be on my wedding registry some-way-some-how (one day far far away!), and Pinterest would make it incredibly easy for me to tell my guests exactly what I want!

Business talk: Pinterest and retailers could have a rev-share model- for every purchase made from Pinterest traffic, Pinterest gets a portion of the sale.

Proof-of-concept: My mother did all of her Christmas shopping for me based off my ‘Hey Santa’ board and all the Christmas shopping for my girl cousins by picking items off their Pinterest boards. It works.

  • Sheila D Barker

    I sent Pinterest a link to this story on your blog.  I think it is a great idea and I hope they do it!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much, Sheila! Always so great to know someone else believes in your ideas!

  • Hana

    Great post and idea 🙂 Would love to chat more with you about this (just launched something similar…

    Would love to connect! – 

  • Mc

    Check out 🙂 

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