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Old Milwaukee- lovingly referred to as ‘Beast’ in most common circles, hit advertising gold with recent spots featuring Will Ferrell.

But the most shocking part of the story? Will Ferrell ASKED to make the commercials for Old Milwaukee, for FREE.

What’s better- the awesomely funny advertisements that Ferrell created or the free buzz Old Milwaukee is getting from the story behind the advertisements- a popular celebrity asks to create a series of advertisements for your brand for absolutely nothing.  Just because he loves your brand so much.

Free buzz- I’d argue it’s every advertiser’s dream to have someone love your product so much they go out of their way to tell the world the love for your product.  The fact that it’s a very popular celebrity to boot is just the icing on the cake.

Now the question is- what will Old Milwaukee do with the ads? Hopefully run wild with the campaign.  But listen to this:

“For right now, these spots were created for the local markets,” said Pabst co-owner Daren Metropoulos in another company statement issued to the Tribune-Star. “We do hope people enjoy them as much as we do.” (source)

Local markets only? Get these on national spots, stat!

1) You didn’t pay a dime for production costs of the commercials.  They’re just waiting there, primed and ready to entertain a national audience.

2) The commercials are real.  And they’re real funny.  All Will Ferrell, all pure brand love.  No tricky strategy play or targeting effort, just one of the most popular celebrities sharing his love for your brand.

3) Get a branded YouTube channel! Seriously, I couldn’t find a branded Old Milwaukee YouTube channel.  Get one, and get one quickly.

4) Do you know how engaging this celebrity love turned campaign could be for your audience? Run a contest having other ‘regular joes’ who love Old Milwaukee submit videos of how they drink Old Milwaukee, just like Ferrell did– and air them on your newly created YouTube channel, website, Facebook, and national TV.  Yes, national TV.  Have your fans do your work for you- nothing high production, snazzy, or gimmacky.  Real. Real fans talkin’ real love about your brand. Do it now!

What’s your Old Milwaukee story?

My Old Milwaukee story: Before I went to college, my grandfather pulled me aside and told me I needed to know how to make a good drink. Seriously.  This was all the advice my grandfather gave me before I went to college- know how to make a good drink.  So we got to work- my grandfather at the helm and my grandmother standing by, writing the directions down so I wouldn’t forget.

His creation? “Hop, Skip, and Go Naked’s”- Yes, this is the drink my grandfather chose to teach me how to make.  Oh, and the rationale behind the name? The effect that the drinks will have on you- one will make you hop, two will make you skip, and three will make you… go naked.  Bravo, Grandaddy. Bravo. You always were so much cooler than me!


1 can Old Milwaukee.  In the words of my grandfather, you could use a more expensive beer like Bud Light, but it won’t have the same effect as Old Milwaukee.  Always best to stick with what you know works.

1/2 cup Vodka.  Also, preferably the cheapest you can find.

1/2 can frozen limeade or lemonade.



1. Fill blender about halfway with ice.

2. Pour in can of Old Milwaukee.

3.  If you have a measuring cup, measure out 1/2 cup of vodka. If you don’t have a measuring cup, cut the can of Old Milwaukee in half and use that for your cup.  (that Grandaddy, always so resourceful!)

4. Pour 1/2 can of frozen limeade/lemonade into blender.

5. Blend.  The mixture will look like frothy milk- but don’t let that deter you, this drink is delicious and earned me many friends in college.

Best served on a hot day, lakeside.  Or in a dirty frat house as an alternative to jungle juice.

Watch a few of the Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee commercials here:


  • Skye Earls

    Oh Allie’s infamous “Hop, Skip, and Go Naked’s”!