The Power of Positioning

AWSC,Observations November 2, 2011 8:36 pm

Right in time for Halloween, this little gem of a website rolled out:

Spoiler alert: I’m going to talk about the website. So if you haven’t visited, do it now, or watch the trailer below, or forever hold your peace.


I have three things to say about this site:

1. I should never ever ever be allowed to watch anything ‘scary.’ My reaction was definitely not appropriate for an (almost) 26 year old.  (Hint: I screamed, like a baby).

2. I will never take candy from strangers. Ever. Especially now not lollipops.

3. I will never blindly hit ‘accept’ again when an app asks permission to connect to and access my Facebook data.

Scary, disturbing, and downright creepy.  Shudder.

But wait, haven’t I seen this before- where an application takes your Facebook information and then replays it for you?

Oh yeah!

Earlier this year, Intel created a similar type application- The Museum of Me.

Once again, spoiler alert: I’m going to talk about the website.  So if you haven’t visited the site, do it now (Museum of Me), or watch the trailer below:


Was I scared or disturbed by watching Museum of Me?


Quite the opposite- I was delighted, amused, and smiling the entire time. And I felt like skipping and whistling.

So what’s the difference? Lollipop and Museum are essentially the exact same application, both accessing your Facebook data to create a story specifically tailored around you.  So why do they elicit completely different responses?

Enter the power of positioning.

Lollipop positions accessing Facebook data in a negative light- a character straight out of central casting for a horror film (dirty fingernails included) creeps on your Facebook information and uses this information to stalk you.  Creepy music and a dark, dirty setting complete the haunting scene.

Museum positions accessing Facebook data in a positive light- create your very own museum! Stroll down a virtual memory lane, filled with the people you love and your most memorable photos.  Light and airy music fills the museum, and it’s almost like you’re ‘gliding’ from room to room, viewing the most wonderful collection that’s ever been curated- the collection of you!

If you think of Lollipop and Museum like an advertising campaign, the copy for the two is the same- create a personalized story from information you’ve provided to Facebook.

Holding the copy equal then, we see the power of positioning shine through.  Creativity, pain-staking attention to detail, and a clearly defined strategy for each differentiate the two ‘campaigns.’

There is no such thing as a ‘commodity.’ We have the power to turn advertising for even the most banal product or service into something that will resonate with consumers.

Carefully crafted positioning of the brand can create the message that will best resonate with your audience.  There are a lot of bad advertisements. Why? Because good positioning isn’t easy– but if you’re willing to devote creativity, time, and energy to a positioning strategy, any ‘commodity’ (like FB data) can have a powerful message.



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