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Observations October 24, 2011 8:18 pm


Kate Spade, of course.

I went card shopping today, and after spending close to an hour finding the 4 perfect cards I needed, I proceeded to the cashier.  While she rang up my total (and I mentally prepared myself for the astronomical price-tag), I asked if the store sold stamps.

I got a quizzical ‘huh’ face in response. Stamps? In a greeting card store?  Nope.

Since I had already spent the majority of my lunch time break picking out the cards, I didn’t have time to trek it to the post office today.  Meaning I’ll have to schlep it to the post office tomorrow, or Wednesday, or Thursday… or whenever I can squeeze in the time.


Enter today’s random thought- what if greeting card stores automatically asked you if you wanted to include a stamp with your purchase!

And taking it one step further- what if greeting card stores had a cute little writing area set aside in the store, outfitted with fun pens and other writing accessories, and completed with mailbox- so you could buy your card, stamp it, write it, and send it all at one time and in one place!

Genius… amIright?

Greeting card stores already differentiate themselves based on the looks/quality of the cards, why not differentiate on the quality of the service?  Adding the convenience factor of a built-in writing/mailing station could definitely become a unique selling point for a store.

Greeting cards are expensive, and since they are a luxury and not a necessity, giving buyers another reason to choose your store- the easier, seamless purchase experience- seems like a no-brainer.

Because I don’t know about you, but anything that makes my life easier is a win in my book.


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