Pretty Ballerina

Life August 8, 2011 8:33 pm

One day, I will be a pretty ballerina.  But today I looked more like this adorable sweet little girl, minus the adorable, sweet, and little part:


I recently started taking ballet barre classes, <insert chuckle> and while I am by far the worst in the class, I absolutely love it!

I have no balance to speak of, have the flexibility of piece of wood, can’t keep a beat to save my life, and don’t wear the fancy-shmancy lululemon outfits the other girls wear.  To say I stick out like a sore thumb is quite the understatement.

But… who cares? I’m doing something new and different- and I’m finding the challenge of making myself stick with something I’m really, really, really bad at doing both humbling and empowering.

And one day… I will be the pretty ballerina!

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