Come on Eil… Irene

Life August 27, 2011 12:03 pm

Oh the irony. I’m from SC (~60 miles from the coast and a major hurricane zone), where we regularly got ‘hurricane days’ instead of snow days. But my hometown didn’t even get an INCH of rain while I currently sit in my NYC apartment waiting for the wrath of Irene to descend upon the Big Apple.

Mayor Bloomberg has evacuated parts of NYC (for the 1st time in history), there’s a bottled water shortage in the city, and all major transportation has been shut down. And people are going absolutely NUTS at grocery stores. Sound familiar my SC friends?

At least it’s somewhat of a relief to know that people respond to an emergency in the same frenzied manner, no matter if they live in SC or NYC.

So here we are, waiting it out- with enough food, water, and wine (you know, the essentials) for at least 3 weeks.

Wine, flashlight, emergency kit, cheez-its, a toy dog, and People Mag. We're ready to go.

*Just so you don’t think I’m crazy for having a toy dog… The dog, whose name is Fancy, was a Christmas present from my sweet Mom. I’ve wanted a dog of my own for for-ev-er, but common sense (and my apartment rules) dictates that I just can’t have one right now. But don’t think for a second that fact stops me from wanting one and constantly talking about how badly I want a dog… so my Mom surprised me with a ‘puppy’ for Christmas… and Fancy has now become the ultimate¬†photo-bomb¬†accessory.

And on a side note, I find this little chart absolutely hilarious (and given my observations at the grocery store, sadly true):

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