Moonlighting as an interior decorator

Life November 9, 2010 3:34 am

My dream job?  Buyer for Anthropologie or interior decorator.  Sigh, if only (hopefully one day!!).  So when my twin sis Elliott mentioned she wanted to redo her room, I jumped at the chance to try out my decorating skills.   I’m counting it as the first step in landing my dream job, and yes, if you’d like to redecorate a room in your apartment/house, I’d gladly help you out (for free!).

Elliott’s current bedroom looked like a college dorm room- disheveled bookcase with who knows how many months of old bills stacked on top of books, cluttered dresser with not one or two but six different jewelry boxes/bags, mismatched picture frames scattered throughout the room, and a nightstand with a broken knob and lamp that looked like it belonged in our mother’s first apartment.  Oh, and let’s not even talk about the cringeworthy rug…

It’s not that Elliott has bad taste (in fact, she has great taste!), it’s just that up until now she really hadn’t put much thought into the room.  She has wisely put money into savings rather than spend it willy nilly.  She’s very practical/rational and doesn’t buy something unless she absolutley loves it.  Even though we’re twins, we could not be more dissimilar in our spending habits.  Unlike my practical sister, I’m attracted to the pretty rather than the practical.  Buy an Anthro dress instead of buying groceries? Sure! I’d rather eat peanut butter all week than go without a pretty dress.  So the day Elliott called to say she was ready to decorate? My dream come true!

We decided on a neutral, calming color scheme- light blues (her favorite color), greys, and creams with playful accents (think coral, yellow, jade).  Armed with a vision (and a firm budget in mind) we headed to Lucketts Antique Store to see if we could find any treasures:

Elliott is lucky- unlike my shoebox NY room, she has a huge space- that honestly felt a little too large. A cozy reading chair was a perfect answer to make the space feel a bit more homey and inviting. Now all it needs is a great accent pillow for a little pop!


What a find! Anthro-esque but a steal for only $85. We almost missed it because it was buried behind little trinkets!

To continue with the unique/interesting theme for the walls, we found great silver (well let's be honest, silver plated) serving plates for a mere $10 each. Instead of hanging mirrors, these plates can reflect the light and open up the room a bit. Not to mention that these (along with the Chanel piece) can be functional-- having a dinner party? Just take the plates off the wall, use 'em, and clean 'em before hanging again!

Elliott's room used to be a sun room, so most of the wall is consumed by two huge windows. Since she doesn't have a ton of wall space, we wanted to fit pieces that would be unique and interesting... like this old burlap sack stamped with Chanel. The pairing of 'Chanel' and the burlap really intrigued me--- and to add to its uniqueness, Elliott can use the piece as a showcase for her necklaces as there's bulletin board behind the burlap!

Along with our treasures, we found some great dressers and bedside tables, but weren’t quite ready to commit just yet.  Plus, was Lucketts really so great that it could be our only stop for an entire room re-do?  The answer is yes, I could have walked out with the entire store, but for the sake of finding the best pieces at the best prices, we decided to keep looking.  Next up, bedding and a new rug.   The perfect Anthropologie bedding to complement our calm, neutral theme and a fun rug to add a little punch.  Confession, I may be getting ahead of myself- Elliott has purchased the bedding, but is still deciding on the rug.  Let’s see just how good my powers of persuasion are…

Doesn't this Anthropologie bedding make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud?

Accent rug from Dash and Albert to add a little uomph!

… And that’s what we accomplished in a mere 12 hours.   (Not to mention the massive cleaning we did…)  We still need to find curtains, a bedside table, and a dresser but we’re well on our way to a beautiful new room!

Let me know what you think!  And to find your own treasures, visit 🙂

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